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Don't DIY That Excavation Job


Are you in the process of building your dream home? Maybe you're already past the planning stages and you're ready to finally get started, but where do you get started? A lot of DIY-ers are adamant that even a task as big as digging a foundation will save money if done without the help of a professional excavation contractor service, but they might learn sooner rather than later than DIY excavation is no easy task. It might seem as easy as just digging a hole, but if you keep reading, we'll fill you in on why it's better to call on the professionals instead.

Personal Injuries

You might have already gone out and got the permits and rented the equipment already. Saving money on an excavation contractor costs with DIY work is a feasible short-term goal, but in the long-term, it might do more harm than good. In reality, excavation can be a pretty dangerous task. Some of the risks include:

  • Electrocution from hitting power lines
  • Falling into the trenches or holes
  • Breathing issues from dirt and debris (not wearing proper safety gear)

Foundation Failure

If not properly trained in excavation procedure, you could end up with all kinds of foundation failures, with some being more immediate than others. These reasons include:

  • Failing to remove tree roots that could eventually disturb the foundation
  • Soil that contains too much water, creating cracks and leaks
  • A sinking base causing the foundation to shift and possibly even crack
  • Not allowing the foundation to dry long enough
  • Failing to pour the entire foundation at once, allowing moisture to seep in

Amateur Mistakes

Along with foundation failures, there are often mistakes made during the foundation excavation process such as:

  • Failing to get the necessary permits
  • Forgetting to measure the size of the equipment
  • Failing to plan for excess soil removal before foundation excavation

Call Ground Up Grading & Land Clearing LLC For Your Excavation Needs

At the end of the day, hiring a trained, licensed, and experienced professional is the safest and even the most cost-effective way to complete an excavation process. At Ground Up Grading & Land Clearing LLC, we're the pros to trust for all of your excavation services, including ground leveling, site development, and more. When you hire us for your excavation services, you're getting professional results every time with no risk of damage to you or your property.

Give us a call and schedule an excavation contractor service today for your next project in Dallas!


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